Prioritizing Transparency with New and Improved Org Profiles
Dae Moyer
February 10th, 2022

Endaoment is dedicated to making it as simple as possible for holders of digital assets to give their gains to causes they care about. A crucial part of this mission is ensuring that donors are able to make informed choices about which nonprofits they contribute to. Last week, we rolled out an update to all of our Organization Profiles to aid in this decision making process.

Each nonprofit’s page on Endaoment now features a detailed breakdown of their operations, using public data provided by Candid’s GuideStar. This is sourced from the organization’s most recent 990 tax filing, and may not reflect the most recently ended tax year.

  • Total Revenue: All donations, payment, support from other nonprofits or government agencies, and income from investments received by an organization for the reported fiscal year.
  • Total Expenses: Sum total of all costs related to operation of an organization, including all payments made to employees and outside vendors.
  • Net Income: An organization’s total revenue, minus their total expenses.
  • Total Assets: The total value of all assets held by an organization, including any and all bank accounts, investments, real estate, equipment and inventory.
  • Total Liabilities: The total amount currently owed by an organization to third parties. Liabilities may include money borrowed from banks, unpaid accounts with vendors, and outstanding payroll or tax obligations.
  • Net Assets: An organization’s total assets, minus their total liabilities.
  • Program Expense: The portion of an organization’s total expenses specifically related to carrying out their mission.
  • Administrative Expense: The portion of an organization’s total expenses specifically related to operations and management of the nonprofit, including all payroll expenses and associated taxes.
  • Fundraising Expense: The portion of an organization’s total expenses specifically related to fundraising efforts.
  • Working Capital: The number of years an organization could continue operating, given their total assets and current burn rate.

These metrics can help to paint a picture of a nonprofit’s health and sustainability, and offer a better idea of where gifts may be going. We hope this added transparency will make it easier than ever for our donors to select grant recipients.

We’ll be continuing to add new features aimed at fostering engagement between Orgs and Donors, and encourage you to reach out with any questions or suggestions on our Discord server.

Want more specifics? Check out our organizational funding policy and due diligence criteria

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