Endaoment and The Giving Block Announce Renewed Onboarding Partnership
February 28th, 2023

On Feb 28, 2023, Endaoment announced a renewed collaboration with our longtime partners at The Giving Block, and published the following press release.

New York, NYEndaoment, the first on-chain 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation and crypto donor-advised fund platform, and The Giving Block, the crypto and stock giving platform that launched the Crypto Philanthropy movement, are exemplifying the giving spirit of their platforms by teaming up for the benefit of thousands of charitable organizations.

With this synergistic partnership, nonprofits that already accept crypto donations via The Giving Block may now also receive grants from Endaoment’s on-chain funds through their The Giving Block wallet. All future organizations that sign a contract with The Giving Block will automatically be deployed on-chain and onboarded with Endaoment.

This seamless transition creates new opportunities and visibility for nonprofit fundraising, while simplifying the process for crypto holders to support organizations in need.

“As the two largest players in Crypto Philanthropy, we’re excited for this integration to push the industry forward,” said Alex Wilson, Co-Founder of The Giving Block. “Crypto is notoriously difficult to use without the right tools, and we’re working together with Endaoment to make Crypto Philanthropy as easy as possible for both nonprofits and donors alike. This integration of the two platforms is a huge step to reduce complexity and help nonprofits raise more.”

“Endaoment is proud to deepen our long standing relationship with The Giving Block, one of our first partners,” said Robbie Heeger, CEO at Endaoment. “This collaboration leverages our latest innovations to bring blockchain-based giving to even more nonprofits now and into the future. We’re equally thrilled to offer The Giving Block donors the flexibility to support their favorite organizations with on-chain donor-advised funds. We hope this ongoing collaboration continues to inspire the blockchain community to come together and work towards expanding the crypto philanthropy space at large.”

This partnership announcement follows Endaoment’s recent launch of free developer tools, including a SDK, API and Subgraph, for developers looking to add philanthropic giving to their existing infrastructure. This further underscores Endaoment’s mission to make donating crypto to nonprofits as easy as possible.

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