Endaoment & The Giving Block: Bringing Nonprofit Organizations to Cryptocurrency Donors
January 25th, 2022

This article was originally published on Medium by Zach Bronstein on Nov 3, 2020.

tl;dr: Most of The Giving Block’s nonprofit partners can now receive grants directly from Endaoment Donor-Advised Funds.

Endaoment is the first nonprofit Community Foundation and Donor Advised Fund (DAF) provider built atop the Ethereum blockchain.

We launched in October, allowing anyone to donate over 135 different Ethereum-based assets to a DAF and grant the proceeds nearly any non-profit in the U.S. as dollars.

Verifying and onboarding nonprofits organizations into Endaoment is crucial in helping donors find reputable and welcoming organizations to grant funds to from their DAF.

To jumpstart our roster of verified organizations, we’ve partnered with The Giving Block, a white-glove service provider offering cryptocurrency donation management services for nonprofits.

Most of The Giving Block’s current partner organizations have been onboarded into the Endaoment ecosystem, with more to follow.

Funds granted to these organizations move directly to the organization as USDC tokens via their existing Ethereum wallets.

The Giving Block and their partners now have a new donor funnel via Endaoment’s Donor-Advised Fund program, while Endaoment users get more verified organizations to choose from when recommending grants.

Future clients of the Giving Block will also automatically be onboarded into Endaoment, slowly adding new entries to our rolodex of verified Ethereum addresses for each U.S. nonprofit.

We’re excited to continue to build this list with The Giving Block. We’ll be working closely together to provide the broadest range of real-world, nonprofit organizations with the services and technology provided by Decentralized Finance and Cryptocurrency.

Looking to give ETH or ERC-20 tokens? Open a DAF today!

Want to more info on Endaoment DAFs? You can always read about our DAFs in our documentation gitbook.

Represent an organization and want to accept grants from Endaoment DAFs? Read more about claiming an organization, or reach out to our team!

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