Event Retro: Blockchain Policy Summit '23

A recap of our experience in Washington DC at the Blockchain Policy Summit, with a diverse mix of blockchain industry leaders and policy regulators hosted by the Blockchain Association.

All smiles from the .Org team: Alexis Miller, Dae Moyer, Robbie Heeger, and Zach Bronstein (left to right).
All smiles from the .Org team: Alexis Miller, Dae Moyer, Robbie Heeger, and Zach Bronstein (left to right).

What we did:

Endaoment became members of the Blockchain Association (BA) earlier this year and we’ve loved learning more about policy work through the community. BA held their Blockchain Policy Summit in Washington D.C., which brought together a dynamic blend of BA member companies and policy leaders. Endaoment was asked to be the philanthropic facilitating partner for their gala, raising funds for the Blockchain Foundation, BA’s 501(c)(3) arm.

Team Representatives in attendance:

  • Alexis Miller, Head of Partnerships

  • Dae Moyer, Community Development Lead

  • Robbie Heeger, President & CEO

  • Zach Bronstein, Chief Operating Officer

Hypothesis going in:

We were there to celebrate our impact and interact with member companies and legislators on the Hill. We wanted to learn about current policy conversations that impact the crypto industry, as both traditional and blockchain policymakers attended.

Endaoment is a unique use case for policymakers to be aware of as a nonprofit with an onchain infrastructure and how we use decentralized protocols to convert crypto to fiat.

ROI Metrics:

We made valuable connections with potential partners, and discussed a number of omnipresent industry topics with blockchain builders and skeptics alike. The Summit centered on the following key objectives from Endaoment’s perspective:

Brand and product promotion at the Gala. Being a key partner for the gala brought awareness to Endaoment and allowed us to be active participants. Attendees had information cards placed on their tables, which included info about us and made the donation process simple. The Blockchain Foundation is all about supporting financial literacy and education. It was an excellent opportunity to see the positive impact of blockchain working live, and how easy our donation flow is on mobile.

We were able to establish ourselves as responsible industry leaders rooted in credibility and trustworthiness. Our commitment to compliance naturally makes us a unique use case for blockchain tech. We remain responsible and ethical to not only maintain our status as a 501c3, but also to maintain our value set!

We are industry advocates that highlight blockchain’s positive impact. Amid discussions around illicit finance and "bad actors" in the industry, it was essential for us to showcase how the blockchain industry can be a force for good. It was important for us to rally with other web3 companies to show power in numbers and the real world impact our industry has.

It was invaluable to gain insights into regulators’ perspectives and the pressing need for practical use cases in the industry. A major topic was how to support bespoke liquidations of donated assets in a compliant manner.

Connecting like this early fosters goodwill and understanding between us and regulatory bodies, hopefully paving the way for smoother operations in the future.

A focus on positive Industry Narrative, Learning Opportunities, and new connections. We recognized the importance of countering negative perceptions of the blockchain industry by welcoming nuanced conversation about where we are really at as an industry and how to grow responsibly.

It was noteworthy to see politicians at the event leave with a deeper understanding of the traceability of crypto compared to cash. Some even expressed a preference for criminals to use crypto because it is easier to track (!!!), which reflects an evolving understanding of the technology.

Our Application got a Live Stress Test + Learnings. During the gala dinner, Cleve Mesidor, Executive Director of the Blockchain Foundation, conducted a live ask for donations through Endaoment. Conducting a stress test during this real-world event helped us identify strengths and areas to improve our mobile app. We were able to enhance the mobile user experience and refine our platform for future fundraising events.

What went well:

The Summit proved to be a significant milestone for Endaoment, showcasing the progress we’ve made since our early days in the blockchain space and, as new members of the Blockchain Association.

Enhanced visibility. It was evident that people have been hearing about Endaoment. A conversation with a team member from Polygon Labs revealed that they had come across Endaoment through a matrix highlighting social impact companies in web3.

Immediate recognition and recall of what we do! Unlike previous years, where individuals might vaguely recall our name, people were aware of our name and what we’re up to. Attendees could connect Endaoment with its mission and contributions, signifying substantial growth in our brand awareness.

Reconnected with industry peers and friends from various corners of the industry. We’ve cultivated quality relationships in the crypto community.

There was diverse representation of industries. Exchanges, wallet providers, blockchain platforms, applications, and investors were present alongside policymakers. This mix created a dynamic and multifaceted environment for networking and collaboration.

Blockchain is a Non-Partisan Issue. We saw attendees from all sides of the political spectrum actively seeking to understand and advocate for the crypto industry, boding well for crypto’s future.

Senators Lummis and Gillibrand.
Senators Lummis and Gillibrand.

What was challenging:

While the Blockchain Policy Summit was full of positive experiences, negative Blockchain Narratives are still prevalent. It was clear that some regulators and congress-people still carried the weight of negative narratives surrounding the crypto industry. The blockchain industry is certainly complex and constantly evolving. Events like these contribute to a more informed and balanced discourse, while bringing us together live to talk about them.

What did we learn:

Participating in the Blockchain Policy Summit was unquestionably worth it. It not only provided valuable learning experiences but also enabled us to create meaningful connections within the blockchain and policy communities.

The summit was an education opportunity for many, invaluable to industry growth and advocacy efforts. Attendees gained substantial insights into all aspects of the blockchain industry, its challenges, its functionality, and its potential.

Many new people learned about Endaoment, and we have clear new outreach targets. Our active involvement in initiatives like the Blockchain Association further underscores our commitment to responsible blockchain solutions.

A favorite article from the event:

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