Celebrating Green Giving: 22 Orgs Deployed in 22 Days
Dae Moyer
Zach Bronstein
April 22nd, 2022

Happy Earth Day! Throughout the month of April, Endaoment has been celebrating Green Giving in recognition of nonprofits working to conserve, protect, and advocate for our natural environment.

Org Deployment Drive

Each day leading up to Earth Day (April 22, 2022), Endaoment has deployed a new smart contract for a different environmentally focused nonprofit to the Ethereum blockchain, covering all associated transaction fees.

Each organization is now connected to the Endaoment App, giving them the ability to accept donations of cryptocurrencies as US dollars, at no cost. In addition to unlocking a new source of funding for these nonprofits, this raises awareness of their causes and missions amongst a new donor base in the web 3 ecosystem.

Nonprofits Deployed, By Focus

Conservation & Protection

Trees, Water and People, Everglades Foundation, National Audobon Society, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Earthjustice, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Earth Day Network

Education & Advocacy

The Wilderness Society, Ceres Inc, Amazon Watch, Oceana, Inc., Union of Concerned Scientists, Student Conservation Association

Fundraising, Museums & Research

World Resources Institute, Climate Museum, Climateworks Foundation, Marine Order for Research & Action Through Environmental Stewardship

All organizations suggested must adhere to Endaoment’s funding policy and be US based 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing with the IRS.

Donors: Give Deployment a Try!

By deploying organizations on Endaoment – whether for Earth Day or any other cause – our goal is to lower the barrier to nonprofits sharing in the capital gains of the DeFi community. They don’t have to worry about the cost or knowledge barrier of creating a wallet or off-ramping donations or correctly receipting and reporting donations – we do everything for them, and USD shows up in their bank account.

Donors are welcome and highly encouraged to visit the Endaoment App to Deploy an Organization that does not already have a smart contract set up, and make another hardworking 501(c)(3) next on the list.

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