In Review: January 2022
Dae Moyer
February 1st, 2022

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2022 is off to a remarkable start for Endaoment, with a record-breaking month of giving.

With more than $2.3 million in cryptocurrency donated and over $1.7m granted to nonprofits, we saw more giving this January than any month in the first three quarters of 2021 (January through September).

This is an impressive level of activity during what is generally considered to be the slowest season for charity fundraising. (Nonprofits and community foundations typically see the vast majority of their donations towards the very end of the year, as donors seek to maximize their tax deductions.)

Endaoment's lifetime giving activity, at time of publication. Visit for the most up-to-date metrics.

Projecting these numbers into 2022 with a little napkin math, the potential growth for Endaoment and the broader Crypto Philanthropy landscape is staggering. However, before we steam on into February (and ETHDenver), let’s look back on some other memorable moments from the past 30 days.

Annual Impact Report

After sharing a small preview leading into the New Year, we released our unabridged 2021 Impact Report mid-January, containing an in-depth analysis of our donation and grantmaking activity, and other highlights of our breakout year.

Women For Afghan Women NFT Auction

Pranksy granted the 2021 proceeds from their charitable NFT auction on OpenSea, $537,279.27 of ETH, to Women for Afghan Women-a nonprofit which provides counseling, education, and vocational training to families throughout Afghanistan. This gift will allow WaW to continue to provide their life changing, community based programs to thousands of women and children.

Other Memorable January Moments

What’s Next

Endaoment is focused on building public good infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain, and on continuing to provide the simplest, most affordable philanthropic offramp for digital assets.

Our engineering and human interface teams are hard at work preparing new versions of Endaoment’s smart contracts for audit, which will unlock a range of highly requested investment strategies for our donors, and revolutionary new capabilities for nonprofits.

We’ll be sharing more about these new features throughout the next several weeks. Be the first to know by joining the #CryptoConscience community on our Discord server!

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