Bringing Onchain Giving to Optimism

Today marks a significant milestone for Endaoment as we officially launch on OP with our flagship application, Now, anyone on the Superchain can donate to more than 1.8 million nonprofits in over 150 countries.

Our Second OP Stack Deployment

We're excited to announce the pre-deployment of over 7,000 composable contracts, representing every verified organization on Endaoment across 150+ countries. For those keen on diving deeper into our contracts' technicalities, our documentation is available at You can view the detailed list of contract deployments on Optimism Etherscan.

This is a canonical USDC deployment of Endaoment, made seamless by Circle's recent Optimism deployment. Because of this, all Endaoment organization contract addresses on optimism and Ethereum mainnet are synchronized, thanks to our usage and alignment with CREATE2 constructors. This sync echoes our earlier commitment to transparent labeling, and means the labeling standards we previously enacted with Etherscan will easily map over to Optimism.

Endaoment and OP share a vision and values. We're not just users; we're admirers of the Optimistic Vision and the Superchain. To us, the synergy between our protocol and the Optimism Collective’s core values is obvious, and we’re excited to bring composable philanthropy to the OP community.

Measuring Philanthropic Impact

Our recent deployments on Optimism and Base are a testament to recent growth. Since launching on Base earlier this summer, the results have been encouraging. We've welcomed over 300 new unique donors, whose generous contributions have benefited dozens of new recipient nonprofits worldwide. The impact of this community on pressing global issues is magnified by quadratic matching through the Universal Impact Pool and will mean big bonus donations during our next distribution at the end of this year.

For now, we're supporting an ETH portfolio for funds created on OP, but we're always looking ahead. Plans are already in motion to support an even broader range of portfolios shortly.

We're grateful for the continuous support and feedback from our community. Together, we're redefining the future of philanthropy. As always, we welcome suggestions and insights. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord, or drop us an email at

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