Endaoment Launches Stock and Cash Donations for Crypto & Non-Crypto Donors Alike

Today, Endaoment released the following to highlight our expanded asset acceptance and new social login feature, extending a warm welcome to donors from traditional financial backgrounds with the launch of Endaoment for Everyone.

NEW YORK, October 10, 2023Endaoment.Org, the first onchain 501(c)(3) nonprofit community foundation and donor-advised fund platform, is making it easier than ever for anyone to track and share their charitable gifts online by combining the benefits of blockchain infrastructure with more traditional login and donation methods.

Today, just over three years since its initial launch, Endaoment.Org is launching “Endaoment for Everyone” to eliminate the requirement for users to donate assets with a cryptocurrency wallet. Donors can now send in various asset types like cash, stocks, and more by signing in with their Google email address, Facebook account, or Discord account. Users can also create a donor-advised fund (DAF) for free, no longer requiring a minimum donation or monthly subscription. This charitable checking account is the only DAF in the nation to offer such frictionless access.

By expanding accessibility for donors with familiar forms of identification, users can achieve increased donation traceability and security thanks to the activity recording perks of onchain. All user actions are identifiable and verifiable on the Base network, an immutable blockchain powered by Ethereum, running on the Optimism OP Stack and built by Coinbase ($COIN). Together, these technologies combine to demonstrate how the web3 industry can help usher in new standards of transparency for philanthropic giving.

“By enabling the gifting of digital and non-digital assets and providing wallet-free login options, Endaoment is reaching more donors than ever before in preparation for giving season,” said Robbie Heeger, president and CEO of Endaoment. “Endaoment is remedying real industry issues that turn the slow, opaque norms of donation-based giving on their head. We want to offer unprecedented levels of transparency and zero in on what really matters: improving the way organizations, causes, and people receive help to effect positive change around the world."

“Endaoment for Everyone” gives users the confidence to trace their real-world giving impact at any time, while diversifying their portfolios and accessing tax benefits plus faster transaction and settlement speeds. Whether donating directly to nonprofit organizations or opening a donor-advised fund for free with no minimum donation, Endaoment now makes any kind of giving possible onchain. Just like digital asset donations on Endaoment today, all stock and fiat gifts will be recorded and verifiable on a public ledger.

In addition to heightening credibility for donors and recipient organizations, Endaoment’s platform leverages smart contracts to power innovative funding mechanisms like the Universal Impact Pool (UIP). Launched this July, the UIP is an algorithmic matching fund that amplifies every gift made on the platform and offers a single donation endpoint for a broad spectrum of nonprofit impact. By making these advancements accessible for everyone, Endaoment aims to improve the experience for donors, while ultimately directing funds to communities and causes that need it.

With Endaoment for Everyone running on the Base network, new and existing Endaoment donors users alike will now enjoy lower transaction costs, making smaller gifts more affordable, and offering instant tax benefits for donors. As Endaoment widens its scope, it will continue to present unmatched advantages like lightning-fast grants to over 1.5 million US nonprofits and over 8,100 nonprofits across 150 international countries with giving matched or invested through community matching pools and onchain portfolios.

“We see Endaoment serving as the community foundation for everyone on the internet, and as we continue to develop more tools and touch points that make giving better, not having a crypto wallet shouldn’t prevent folks from participating.” Heeger said. “The last few months have fueled the hesitancy and confusion many feel when hearing words like ‘crypto’ or ‘blockchain,’ but we see these new developments as key to appealing to a wider audience and providing clear examples of the positive, mainstream impact these technologies should have.”

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